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About Javi Cortés

Filmmaker, graduated from the University of Arts and Social Sciences (Arcis), specialist in editing postproduction, with experiences in film restoration in 35 and 16 mm in different techniques. Diploma in postproduction and motion graphics. 
Attended a workshop at the renowned Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, specialized in new media and new narratives. 
Javiera gained experiences in management assistance and direction at the audiovisual production and advertising company WOKI TOKI Ltd., where she worked in fields of branded content, product placement and social media. Also worked on several fiction and documentary short films and in the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Chile as an executive producer, camerawoman, graphic animator and audiovisual director of cultural content (documentaries, ethnographic videos, heritage videos).

MA in Digital Narrative in the Internationale Filmschule in Köln, Germany, where she developed a location based game project, a Twine games and researched in topics related to: pervasive and crime games, teenagegirls in social media and gender equity in audiovisual media. Since living in Germany she has been working in several videos for political causes such as : The Chilean social revolution and feminism ("Las tesis" Performances in Dusseldorf and Cologne) and videoclips for latino-german bands. Always looking for new media formats and platforms to promote and create content that is: socially relevant, with representative storytelling, culturally engaging and entertaining. 

My latest projects

My Latest Projects

Catch me poster 1.4.png

Catch Me

You could say that "Catch Me" is a serious and location-based game.

The player is a detective in the case of a missing woman. He or she has to physically walk through downtown Cologne to find out what happened.

The project deals with prejudices that exist when gender-based violence occurs, such as victim blaming as a factor that affects investigations, public image, as well as the sanctions against perpetrators.

To see some interface examples and more:

The Twine prototype  10.1 in this link:

Please download the archive in the drive. Let me know if you have problems at :

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Surveying Gender equiality in film

This thesis examines several studies on gender equality in audiovisual production (Film, Television and Streaming) in different national contexts like Europe (Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Croatia, Italy and Austria) [EWA Report], Chile [Women's Participation in the National Film Industry] and the United States [Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, The Celluloid Ceiling]. The first objective of this research is to understand the design of studies related to gender and media, to eventually conduct surveys in audiovisual digital production. A second objective is to establish, through the analysis of the quantitative studies, the inequalities of gender that exist in the cinematographic ecosystem, mainly in the top of the most important departments (direction, production, script) and to understand how these results could directly affect the creation of a more diverse content in the different audiovisual media. A third and last objective is to present a source of strategies, actions and good practices that have emerged from these same studies and also from cinematographic or women's organizations and in some cases from governments, all aiming to address the lack of equality in audiovisual production.

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